September 7 - September 13: Hello September!

We hope everyone had a great August. Even though the vast majority of events have either been canceled or modified, the District is still the destination for food, fun, and fun times! Keep on reading for some great ideas on what to do this week... K9dergarten is back! Art House JC Friday Get ready to enjoy some local art- in the age of social distancing, ZOOM, masks and global pandemics!  Join the fun on September 11th, 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm, for the virtual Art House JC Friday! This event comes courtesy of Art House Productions, various galleries, amazing artists, the OCA, and, their sponsors. As the organizers state, "Virtual JC Fridays is a free online arts festival taking place entirely on Zoom."  The event will feature exhibits and art work from the following galleries and talented artists: Art House Gallery Art House Productions The Art Project at Dvora Pop-Up Gallery The Arts at St. Paul & Incarnation Department of Cultural Affairs Hudson County Community College Fine